A traditional Danish lunch is best enjoyed together with beer and schnapps. Our waiters will be glad to assist in finding a beer to suit your food. Our range of drinks is chosen with extreme care. In order to meet our discerning guests, we have the full range of Carlsberg, Jacobsen and Aalborg Aquavit.



Different Jacobsen beer bottle on the bar in Husmanns Vinstue



Fra vores gamle Carlsberg øltønde tilbyder vi på fad Carlsberg Pilsner og Tuborg Classic, resten af sortimentet serveres på flaske. Vores gamle Carlsberg øltønde vidner om, at vi har et langt og godt samarbejde med Carlberg. Vi deler værdier omkring høj kvalitet, stolte traditioner og spændende historie.


foto_16A bubbly cold Carlsberg bestowed on tap at Husmanns Vinstue

“In every gastronomic composition, it is important to balance the different flavors for a total experience. The same is true when you have to match food and beer. You can go for harmony and balance – or contrast and excitement. When working with beer and food, the essence is to seek a harmony where our senses are both challenged and pleased, without any of them getting the upper hand. At such a harmonious meeting are sharp details and at best it will be an experience of a lifetime. ”  ~



From our Jacobsen beer tap we serve seasonal beer, the rest of the range is bottled. Jacobsen is a beer like Husmanns Vinstue, it exudes both past and present. Jacobsen’s beer is developed quality in mind.


foto_17Jacobsen’s good beer bestowed on Husmanns Vinstue

“Harmony is the goal of any good meal. Jacobsen has a diverse range bidding for most dishes. The general rule is that there must be consistency between food and beer. A full-bodied course requires a rich beer, while a light dish requires a light beer, etc. Next to fullness, it is important to get a handle on the balance of flavor intensity. If food tastes very strongly as a result of strong seasoning, one must be careful in choosing a beer with modest tastes. Conversely, a strong beer flavor can easily get to drown a fragile delicate course.” ~



Aalborg Aquavit prides itself on being the “finishing touch” on a good lunch. We cannot disagree, and we therefore serve the full range. We will be happy to recommend a snaps selection to suit you and your lunch.


foto_15Snaps from Aalborg Aquavit served with a good lunch at Husmanns Vinstue


“Aalborg Taffel Aquavit is the uncrowned king – the original crystal clear Danish aquavit. It was brandy pioneer Isidor Henius who in 1846 first put the bottle with the distinctive red and white label at the lunch table, and there it has remained ever since. Aalborg Taffel Aquavit – or Red Aalborg, as it is called – is still Denmark’s most popular spirit. It is served both when the Danes enjoy lunch and when the royal family invites you to a banquet. Put the finishing touch to your lunch with the proper snaps ” ~