Welcome to Husmanns Vinstue


Husmanns Vinstue is proud to serve a traditional Danish lunch. We serve food and drinks of high quality in an inviting atmosphere, where past and present meet. Husmanns Vinstue is a vibrant restaurant with a sense of quality and enjoys being a part of the colorful history of Copenhagen. At our address on Larsbjørnsstræde, we have an established place as an integral, historical, and contemporary part of the unique neighborhood known as Pisserenden.

Billedet forestiller Husmanns Vinstue

Husmanns Vinstue in 1948 and as you will see – not much has changed.

“The eel is roasted at Husmanns, which you do not experience in many places. And that day they were roasted well on the pan. It gave the eel a good character and a deeper flavor. With scrambled eggs and chives there is not much else to do but to say yes. Husmanns Vinstue is an absolute delight that has also been on the map for a long time.” ~ Adam Prices anmeldelse på politiken.dk

Husmanns Vinstue is a cozy cellar restaurant, which was founded in the good old days of 1888. In the 125 years that have passed since, it has maintained its winning reputation for serving traditional Danish lunch in a cozy atmosphere.

Billedet forestiller Husmanns VinstueHusmanns Vinstue in 1948. Then, as now, tables and operation are always ready to welcome our guests.

Since 1995, Lis and Leif Frost have been the gracious hosts of Husmanns Vinstue. Lis and Leif are preparing the next generation through the co-ownership with their son, Johnni Frost. A transfer of Husmanns Vinstue from father to son is in line with the history of the Vinstue since the original family Husmanns also handed the Vinstue from father to son.